About KSHA

KSHA strives to support all aspects of the hunting industry -- hunting service professionals, game bird producers and suppliers. KSHA shares many of the same goals as the North American Gamebird Association (NAGA). Our members understand that by working together to provide the best captive-reared game birds available and quality hunting experiences, Kansas’ reputation as a hunting destination will continue to grow, benefiting both gamebird producers and hunting service professionals. The organization’s work is directed by a board of directors, elected at each annual meeting.

Membership is open to businesses and individuals involved in any aspect of the hunting business or to those who wish to support hunting in Kansas. KSHA can be your partner in strengthening hunting in Kansas and improving your business. Learn more about the benefits of joining.

What We Do
Hunt Kansas Promotion
KSHA promotes hunting in Kansas and provides benefits for its game bird producer members through its national "Hunt Kansas" promotional campaign. Advertising is purchased in national publications, such as Pointing Dog Journal and Retriever Journal, Black's Wing & Clay and a number of state hunting regulation guides. Advertisements include a phone number where more information about hunting in Kansas can be requested.

Lobbyist Support - Legislative Action
KSHA retains lobbyists during the legislative session who work to promote legislation favorable to our industry. During past legislative sessions, these efforts saved KSHA members potentially thousands of dollars each with passage of legislation regarding hunter safety requirements on CSAs, certification requirements for hunting guides and sales tax issues. The lobbyists also keep members informed of legislation that could impact the industry, negatively or positively. They assist in strategy planning for future legislative sessions. The organization distributes informational packets to legislators about the economic impacts of the industry.

Web Site
KSHA maintains this website to promote hunting in Kansas, list members with links to their websites and email information and provide additional information about the organization and industry.