HB 2558 - CSA bill

  As you recall, our bill to extend the CSA season from March 31 to April 30 sailed through the House on a vote of 121-0.  It was considered so non-controversial it was placed on the consent calendar and not even debated on the floor.

  Hearings were held in the Senate Ag committee yesterday and things should have gone the same... However, Wildlife, Parks and Tourism came to the committee and appeared neutral on the bill, as they did in the House, but they asked for an amendment to purchase 400 acres in south-central Kansas from Duck's Unlimited. 

  The committee was ready to go with that until Senator Dennis Pyle, R-Hiawatha expressed concerns, saying the W&P amendment should be in the form of a bill and held for hearings in Committee.  The Chair, Dan Kerschen, R-Garden Plain, also expressed some concern.  The Committee will revisit this bill this morning.

  In visiting with Rep. Ken Corbet, he indicated KS Farm Bureau was going to issue a statement in opposition to the amendment. 

  From my perspective, if the amendment goes on, we can manage the situation... but it will take more work.  W&P does not have a good track record purchasing land that requires legislative approval.  Many in the Legislature do not believe the State of Kansas should be in the land-buying business.

  I will keep you informed, but wanted to give you a heads up.


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